Welcome to the Off The Grid Homes information site. This network is designed to give you the best information regarding the different options available to you in order to take your home, cabin, motor home, RV or camp site off grid using renewable energy technologies.

There are 3 main sites within the Off The Grid Homes network covering each of the main renewable energy solutions; solar, wind and magnet power.

These specific sites give you information on the most reliable and inexpensive way to make your own FREE home-made energy.

Off the grid homes are becoming more popular as more and more people begin to realise how easy it can be to create your own electricity at home. The advancements in home energy technology products by the renewable energy industry has in fact had an effect which is the exact opposite to that which it was intended, let me explain.

These renewable energy companies have dramatically improved the usability of their products by making them easier to put together and fit to your home. This was done primarily to facilitate the expansion o their franchise business. However, by making these DIY home renewable energy solutions easier to assemble, they have actually made it easier for us home owners and consumers to do it ourselves.

By bypassing the middle man and sourcing the parts yourself you can literally save yourself thousands of dollars and join the multitude of off the grid homes.

Off The Grid Homes

The number of off the grid homes in the U.S. is growing day by day. The main types of energy solutions people are using are solar panels and wind generators.

Both are relatively easy to make, given you have some good quality instructions handy. Magnet motor power is also becoming more popular as it has the advantage of being able to produce electricity continuously under any conditions.

Home Made Energy

The prevalence of green homemade energy is not widely reported in the main stream media. This is mainly for two reasons.

Firstly, green energy and the environment are now old news. Nobody wants to hear about it anymore. It might be interesting for people like us, but the media is all about subscribers and green doesn’t sell as good as it used to anymore.

Secondly, it’s in the media best interest not to publicise the growing number of off the grid homes. I’m not going to go too ‘conspiracy theory’ on you here, but anyone can see that there is a major gap in the media around green issues.

DIY Systems

Off the grid homes don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. By using an inexpensive guide you can easily make your home self sufficient for hundreds, not thousands, of dollars. One of the most difficult tasks is finding the major components to use to make your home made energy system. Classified ad sites and online auction sites like eBay and craigslist have all of the main componentry you’ll need to build your own home made energy system.

Whichever way you choose to go, all of the electronic parts can easily be obtained from any regular electronics, craft or hobby shop for a few bucks. Wires, cables and diodes are all relatively cheap.

The things that’ll set you back the most are the major parts. For solar power, this will be your solar cells. For wind and magnet power, it will be the generator (turbine or motor) which will cost you the most and be the most difficult to track down.

There are many more places online to search for these parts, most of the good guides include a comprehensive list of sites and forums to find good quality second hand parts.

Don’t let the hassle of doing this put you off. Most off the grid homes have had to go through the same ordeal and lots of these places relist their unused and excess parts for other like minded people. Bear in mind that most off the grid homes have more than one of these solutions in place.

You’ll find that once you make your first renewable electricity generator, you’ll find it much easier to make your next one and go for something which compliments your existing power supply.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each system. For instance, a magnet generator is a great device to use for portable electricity generation, but the downside is that they don’t produce as much as wind and solar.

Solar panels are probably the best value in terms of value and electrical productivity, however solar is highly dependant on the weather conditions.

Wind turbines are very cheap to make and produce a good amount of current, however they are the most difficult to make and are also succeptible to the prevailing winds.