Living Off The Grid

The term ‘living off the grid’ typically means living in a self sufficient way, free from any reliance on the outside world for anything. This includes, for the most part, food, education and of course electricity. This article is going to discuss living off the grid mainly in terms of producing your own electricity.

Now, before I say anything else about living off the grid, I’ve got to tell you that if you’re looking for information on the top of the range expensive line of home energy products, you’re in the wrong place! This site focuses on the best cheap home made energy solutions.

We are all about the promotion of cheap alternative energy solutions for ordinary Americans. All of the do-it-yourself energy guides we recommend are under $50. Historically most off the grid homes had some sort of professionally installed system costing anywhere up to $100,000. The truth is that now, living off the grid doesn’t have to cost the earth. The future of off grid living is in the low-cost DIY energy sector, which is what this site is about.


Solar is undoubtedly the most popular option for people living off the grid. Solar energy is currently increasing by 10% every year here in the states, and that figure is compounding and expected to grow even further due to the rise of low-cost DIY alternatives.

The federal tax incentives, which offer a 30% tax credit towards the cost of installation, aim to off set the solar panel cost to home owners and make this option more appealing. However, even with 30% off, the costs are still way too high for most people, except the new breed of green yuppies. Luckily, for the average American family looking at living off the grid, there is now the option to build your own solar panel system.

Anyone can now buy a complete kitset or individual parts and easily assemble these panels. All you need is a good set of instructions. Some good ones include Earth4energy, Homemadeenergy and Greendiyenergy.

Wind Power

The United States is the world’s second largest producer of windmills for electricity. China is the largest wind energy producer with a large proportion of their population living off the grid. Wind generators for home use is another booming renewable energy source which is projected to grow off the charts. Currently, wind generated electricity accounts for just over 2% of all electricity generated in the states. This figure is projected to grow to 20% by 2030 according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Just like solar, the biggest domestic growth in the wind power sector is coming from the low end of the market.

It’s very possible to assemble these wind turbines for the home yourself if you buy a kitset or a good guide along with the right components. There are lots of Americans who would like to make their own renewable energy at home, but are not in the market for the expensive range of options offered by the commercial installers. Many manufacturers are realizing the potential here and are now producing smaller, more inexpensive units, which are easy to assemble and install yourself.

You can either buy a kitset for around $1000, give or take a few hundred dollars, depending on the output. Or you can buy the parts separately and use a guide to put it together. The second option is cheaper by far and generally the most preferred by people at this end of the market. If you have a good solar system and a few back up windmills you’ll be living off the grid in no time at all. If you shop around and take your time you can get some really good deals and get your windmill done for just a few hundred bucks.